Hydrants and Dry Risers

Fire Hydrant Testing

Ideal Fire can undertake your Fire Hydrant Testing requirements to ensure Compliance with all Current Standards.

Our Hydrant Testing service includes Flow and Pressure testing of all your onsite Fire Hydrants

Privately owned Fire Hydrants should be tested on an Annual Basis in Accordance with BS: 9990 2015 Specifications. British Standard BS 9990:2015 States that all fire systems should be Serviced Annually.

Fire Hydrant Testing should be conducted for both insurance purposes and to ensure that your Fire Hydrants are ready for immediate action in the case of a fire emergency.

Any remedial works required can be carried out by our In House Fire Hydrant repair Crews.

To arrange your Fire Hydrant Testing Quotation, contact Our Service Team on 01 6204367

Dry Riser Testing

A Dry riser is a combination of Valves and Sections of pipework that runs up through a Buildings Core or Shaft.  A Dry Riser System allows the Fire Brigade easy access to water at any Level for Fire Fighting purposes saving them precious time in the event of a Fire.

Dry Riser are subject to stringent regulation and require regular testing to ensure they are compliant. Ideal Fire offers our Clients a comprehensive Dry Rise Testing and Maintenance Service in line with all relevant legal requirements and standards.

Our Dry Riser Testing Service includes all necessary testing including Annual Wet Testing to 10- 12 Bar and Visual inspections every 6 months.

Any remedial works required can be carried out by our In House Dry Riser repair Crews.

To arrange your Dry Riser Testing Quotation contact Our Service Team on 01 6204367.

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